Cool Air REF. 0145 (Brand: Apple)

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"Cool air" is the most breathable saddle-pad commercially available.
The ergonomic form, achieve with computer, makes it adaptable to all kind of horseback for modern endurance horses.
Also, its anatomic form permits to remain in the correct position, stationary, and without any kind of pressure on horse withers.
This saddle-pad is made of "cool air" textile, an exclusive for Avia saddles.
 Cool air" is a fabric patented in Italy and usually use in medical sector. Anti-decubitus, hollow section fiber, complete perspiration, CEE origin. The hollow section fiber compared with the circle section fiber commercially proposed, confer to the fiber a better resilient characteristic, able to reduce pressure on horse hair.
Practical, coloured and very light. Available in all kind of colours. Also available for kids size

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